General Info about company

Doctor Sh.M.Sheichaliev

The Ural Firm NETRAMM Ltd - is situated in Novouralsk city (Russia) and specializes in PM technologies of atomisation of a melt. NETRAMM was established in 1991 by doctor Sh.M.Sheichaliev on the laboratory basis of NPI MIFI having more than 20 years experience of works and Russian enterprises clientele in metallurgical and nuclear industry.
The employees NETRAMM are the owners about 20 patents, the developers more than 80 scientific clauses in the PM field.

NETRAMM has the computer data base as follows:

  • Publications and patents for last 40 years, in the field of the PM;
  • More than 200 samples of powders and materials produced at NETRAMM and in other firms;
  • Information in addresses and activities of Russian and foreign enterprises specializing in powder production and application;
  • DINs and specifications on powders of various metals and alloys and on methods of their analysis;
  • Drafting - engineering specifications of the equipment for powders production;

Since 1992 NETRAMM collaborated with English Atomising System Limited (ASL) company. ASL, having wide experience of work on creation industrial atomizing models, has advanced some laboratory ideas of NETRAMM in England, USA, Japan, China.