Our partners

The firm UralNETRAMM has numerous partner contacts with domestic and foreign research, educational and industrial enterprises. Some of them are submitted here.

Atomising Systems Ltd (Sheffield, England).

In 2002 10 years of the partner relations between our corporations were executed. The company ASL was based in 1992 by John Dunkley well-known expert in the field of technology development and creation of the equipment for powder production by gas and water atomisation of melt. Under his management approximately 80 plants for powder production were built in more than 30 countries. Having great practical experience and communications in creation of the industrial equipment, the company ASL promotes ideas of UralNETRAMM on the western market. In particular the CHA and CUA technologies were realized on different firms in England, USA, Japan and China.

University of Bremen (Verfahrenstechnik), Institute for Materials Engineering (Institut fur Werkstofftechnik) (Bremen, Germany)

UB and IWT are research organizations which develop technology of melt atomisation with the spray forming processes together. In 1999 UralNETRAMM and IWT have entered into an agreement about cooperation in development of new technologies and application of the achievements of science to powder production. The chief of department of spray technologies - Dr. Volker Uhlenwinkel has visited UralNETRAMM in 2001 and has reported on recent trends of ingots production by spray forming. From our side Dr. Sheichaliev acted at scientific seminars in institute IWT twice (in 2000 and 2001) with the reports about new technologies for powders and pellets production. The employees of UralNETRAMM participate in realization assembly and research works on the basis of IWT. Nowadays the group of scientists tests in practice the new method of combined atomisation of melts. This method allows to receive more fine and homogeneous powder (with low standard deviation) at smaller gas consumption in matching with a traditional gas atomisation.

Uralelectromed (Verhniya Pishma, Russia)

Known manufacturer of copper, copper powders both items from a powder and other metals and alloys. Together with Uralelectromed our firm applies in industry the CPA technology and gas atomisation for powders and pellets production of alloys on the Cu basis from scraped aluminum by CG method.

Fine Metal Powders (FMP, Yekaterinburg, Russia)

The company FMP is the developer of technologies and manufacturer of fine powders of zinc, aluminum, bronzes and other metals and alloys by a method of condensation of particles from a vapour phase. Having scientific and engineering high class staff and modern exploratory and analytical equipment this company is capable to solve any problems in powder metallurgy. Therefore, cooperation of UralNETRAMM and FMP is planned as joint development and application of the achievements of new technologies on industrial polygon of FMP. In particular, work is underway on organization of pellets production of aluminum with high purity by CG method on the areas of FMP.

VNIINM - PROGRESS (Moscow, Russia)

More than 20 years of partner relations. Joint promotion of the CHA technology. Exchange of experience and information in production of rapid-hardening powders with amorphous frame and atomisation of refractory metals and alloys as well.

Novouralsk State Technological Institute (NGTI, Novouralsk, Russia)

The lab NIL-8 NGTI executes development and research of some scientific directions of UralNETRAMM. UralNETRAMM has production basis (a lot of facilities) and applies new technologies designed in NIL-8 in industry. Post-graduate students of NGTI have a opportunity to carry out experiments on pilot plants of UralNETRAMM and to use laboratory outcomes in manufacture.

Chair of metallurgy processes theory, Ural State Polytechnical University (UGTU, Yekaterinburg, Russia)

ДLong-lived cooperation in the field of researches of melts properties and interaction with gas and non-metallic materials. With a participation of Dr.A.M.Panfilov the computer programs FAD and HEAD were developed. The experts of UralNETRAMM are consulted by the scientific employees UGPU on problems in thermodynamics, kinetics of melt and gas interaction, moving of drops in liquid and gas surroundings.

 Nataly Ltd. (Novouralsk, Russia)


Integrated automation of industrial objects and municipal economy. System development of separate clusters and software. Delivery of electronic components, instrumentation and controllers, software from leading manufacturers.