The plant for production of powders and granule
by Centrifugal - Hydraulic Atomisation (CHA)

The plant and know-how (drawings and technological schedule) are intended for melt atomisation by a method of centrifugal - hydraulic atomisation (CHA). The plant can be produced in laboratorial (UR-1) and industrial (UR-7) versions. The laboratorial version of the plant is intended for manufacturing of small (2- 15 kg) amounts of powders, improvement of technologies and for the educational purposes. On the plant the granule of zinc, lead, aluminum and magnesium can be made.

Metals and alloys

Powders and pellets of lead, magnesium, aluminum, zinc, lithium, ferrous alloys, etc.


50-2000 kg/hour

Size of powders and granule

0.2-3 mm

Standard deviation


Working area

15-200 m2

Gas consumption

0.005 м3/кг

Level of development

This technology was applied in England for granulation of lead, in Russia: for granulation of magnesium, zinc, aluminum and lithium.