Plants for production of powders
by gas (GA) and water (WA) atomisation.

The plant GA is intended for production of powders from metals and alloys with a melting temperature up to 1600 . It is possible to realize atomisation by compressed air, high-pressure inert gases (argon, nitrogen) from the evaporator or from the ramp. The system contained cyclone collectors and filters is used for clearing of exhaust gas. The plants can be supplied with a recirculation system to reuse inert gas. Inductive fusing of metal can be also realized on air under a layer of a flux or in environment of inert gas. Capacity of a crucible is from 10 up to 400 kg. The given plant allows to produce powders of aluminum, silver, copper, brass, bronzes, iron, doped alloys with output up to 1000 kg per hour. Sizes of powder particles are 30-100 microns. The overall dimensions of GA plants depend on volumes of production, height - 6 m, working area isn't less than 100 m2.
The WA plant is intended for production of powders from metals and alloys on a base of aluminum, silver, gold, manganese, silicium, copper, cobalt, iron, nickel and other. apacity of a crucible on plant can be from 5 up to 250 kg. At water atomisation high-lift pumps are used. By high-pressure water atomisation it is possible to receive powders with output up to 500 kg / hour. After atomisation the powder is exposed to a water removal and drying. The powder has size from 10 up to 500 microns. The shape of particles is improper, however such powders are well molded and pressed. The WA plants have small overall dimensions and reliability in operation.
UralNETRAMM cooperates with English company ASL and German IWT in the matter of deliveries of the GA and WA plants. Therefore delivery of these plants made by ASL and IWT is possible. Mounting, starting and adjustment works will carry out by UralNETRAMM.