The plant for production of powders
with amorphous structure and metal colours

The plant is intended for production fast-hardening powders. On the plant it is possible to produce amorphous powders from alloys Fe-Nd-B, Fe-P-C and other, as well as powder of aluminum, zinc and other metals and alloys. The particles of such powders have thickness 10-30 microns.

The characteristics of a powder

Metals and alloys

Zn, Al, Cu, Co-Fe-Si-B, Fe-Nd-B and other

Size of scales

0,5-5 mm

Thickness of scales

10-30 microns

Outcrop of a fraction -350 + 63


Bulk density

0.3-0.6 g/sm3

The characteristics of plant


30-200 kg / hour

Speed of a hardening
of drops

5*106 К/sec

Working area

10-20 m2

Inert gas flow rate
(argon, nitrogen)

0.01-0,1 m3/kg

The given technology allows to produce of powder for manufacture of metal colours. It is alternative to produce of powders with the scaly form by a method of mechanical grinding by crushing. It has considerably large output (up to 200 kg / hour), than mechanical milling (up to 5 kg / hour). Besides the mechanical milling does not allow to produce scales from metals exposed to a mechanical hardening, for example, from zinc. These colours are used for protective and decorative covering. Fast-hardening powders are used also for production of magnets with a high magnetic field energy or materials with a high corrosion-resisting. It is new technology. We just have completed its tests on different metals and alloys (Sn-Pb, Zn, Al, Fe-P-C).