The Ural firm NETRAMM undertakes the following works:

  • manufacture and delivery of a universal. laboratory-scale plant capable of producing 10...20 kg/h of pure powders and granules out of nonferrous and ferrous metals with adjustable dispersity (10 to 1000 u.m), particle shape (from whiskers to spherical), and cooling rate (103 to 106 K/s) by the methods of pneumatic (gas), hydraulic (water or kerosene), ultrasonic, centrifugal-hydraulic, and centrifugal-pneumatic atomizing of melts;
  • manufacture and delivery of a medium-scale plant for production of powders featuring the above-specified characteristics and an output capacity up to 500 kg/h;
  • supply of, drawings and technical documents for the given plants;
  • production and delivery of powders of various metals and alloys with preset characteristics, including those with amorphous structure, in the amount of 20...30 kg;
  • delivery to orders of powders of non-ferrous metals and alloys; magnesium; aluminum; tin and tin-based solders; copper, etc.;
  • development, adjustment, and organization of small-lot production of powders of various metals of alloys with preset properties;
  • research and development works according to the customer's specifications;
  • engineering consulting services, qualified assessment of proposals; - qualified installation of supervision over mounting and putting into operation of commercial powder-production lines;
  • training customer's personnel.