Methods of metal powders production

Method of a centrifugal granulation (CG) of melt

The CG method consists in melt breaking up by a centrifugal force. This method has different fulfillment:

  • Granulation by rotated perforated cup (with holes),
  • Atomisation from an edge of the rotated disk or bowl,
  • Atomisation of flowed layer of rotating billet.

Принцип действия установкиOur firm develops the first two variant with the purpose of manufacture of granule or shot from 100 microns up to 3 mm. A granulation through a perforated cup at known advantages (high efficiency, the uniformity of the sizes particles) has also essential lack - impossibility of reception of small-sized particles (less than 200-300 microns) or low runout (less than 10 %). The technique of melt granulation (Patent №1827325) designed by UralNETRAMM allows to increase a runout of small-sized particles considerably (up to 95 %) at preservation of advantages of a known method. The granulation can be carried in water, kerosene (or other inert liquid) and thus demanded floor spaces decrease considerably, however it needs an operation of drying of pellets. A granulation in air or in inert gas (argon, nitrogen) results in increasing of jet chamber. However reception of granule with the spherical form is possible here . By CG method it is possible to receive powders and shot of aluminum, magnesium, lead, zinc, tin and other metals and alloys with a melting temperature up to 700 0С.