Powder's Production

Methods of production of metal powders by atomizing melts include: melting of metal or scrap, atomising of the melt and cooling of the droplets. To ensure high purity of the product, all of the developed methods and plants, provide for metal melting, atomising of the melt, and cooling of droplets in vacuum or in inert medium. In dispersion, the melt does not contact with fast-moving mechanical media and is dispersed under the action of electrical, ultrasonic, magnetic and centrifugal forces. The firm has designed equipment for production of powders by single and combined methods, such as pneumatic, hydraulic, ultrasonic, centrifugal-hydraulic, centrifugal-pneumatic atomizing of melts. Combination of single atomisation methods makes it possible to produce powders, which cannot be obtained by a single method, with the economical parameters substantially improved.

Description of methods: